Bennett Bear Creek Farms

Water & Sanitation District 

Diapers, feminine products, grease buildup, and tree roots are the leading causes of preventable backups, but everyday items such as dental floss, newspaper bags, sanitary items, adult/baby diapers, pine cones, Q-tips, band-aids, gauze, string, chains, goldfish, jewelry, keys, rocks, toys, dish towels, pantyhose, coins, garden hose, wads of hair, gum and other foreign objects have been found flowing through our sanitary sewer system.

Sinks and floor drains are also not meant for the disposal of grease, oil, sand, coffee grounds, paint, flammable liquids, kitty litter, bird seed, wax, or raw or cooked food of any kind.

NEVER flush prescription or over-the-counter medications or hypodermic needles. Hazardous materials and toxic or caustic liquids must be disposed of according to city and county regulations.


No SUMP PUMP shall be connected or discharged into the District’s sanitary sewer system. The District may require inspection of all SUMP PUMPS to insure proper installation and daylighting.

Sewer Guidlines

PLEASE BE AWARE that our sanitary sewer system is designed to handle ONLY three types of waste products:           

  •     Water
  •     Human body waste
  •     Toilet paper

WE ARE ASKING THAT RESIDENTS DO NOT USE THEIR TOILETS AS TRASH CANS. Flushing foreign materials puts yourself, your neighbors, and your community at risk for costly sewer line repairs and reduces the service life of the main lines and pumping equipment, and increases the cost of maintaining the District’s sewer system.

Any item that is flushed down the toilet, or poured down a sink or drain, has the potential to accumulate in the District’s sewer main causing a hefty backup. Or, objects may become lodged in the rotating impellers in the pumps used to move our wastewater to the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District's Treatment Plant. A sanitary sewer system overflow is as bad as it sounds. As property owners in the Bennett Bear Creek Farms Water and Sanitation District, we need to protect our assets.