Payment Option

Mail In or Drop Off:
You can mail your payment in or you can pay your bill at the District office located at 9850 B West Girton Drive during regular business hours, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. We also have a drop box at the District office where you can deposit payments of checks or money orders after business hours.

2016 Sewer Rates

Base Wastewater Charge:      
$79.50 per quarterly billing cycle

Multi-Family and Commercial rates are based on single family equivalents (S.F.Es) thru a fixture unit count worksheet from the District. Wastewater collection fees are priced to pay for direct costs to Metro Wastewater, as well as to operate, maintain, and replace the District's wastewater main lines.

Miscellaneous Charges:

Grease Trap Surcharge (Per SFE)

Post Water Shut-Off Notice:

Suspension Denver Water Service:
Returned Check Charge:
Final Bills and Transfer of Service:
Administrative  Fee on delinquent bills:
Late Charges:
1% per month

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